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Iran has the world's highest growth of cancer

Iran marked as a country in the world with the fastest rising growth of cancer, said the chairman on cancer research center of Iran.
According to IRNA doctor "Mohammad Esmaeel Akbari”, said: in every 100.000 people of population, approximately 150 men and women have cancers. Reportedly, stomach (Gastric) cancer is the worst form of cancer in men while breast cancer in women is recognized as the most common type of cancer in the country. Stating that every year about 85 thousand new cases of cancer are diagnosed in the country, he added that: about 400 thousand cancer patients also continue to live with the disease.
Professor of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical health and Sciences considered the Cancer Drugs that according to him, more than 90% of the drugs of these patients are still imported.
He continued: with regard to the present status of Cancer in the country, the drug industry researchers should make more attempt in the field of cancer drugs.
Akbari also mentioned about Iran's capabilities and infrastructure necessary for producing cancer drugs and Said: but project management is poor in medical research.
Population aging is one of the causes of cancer growth.
He stated that one of the major causes of cancer growth in Iran is aging population. And added: Except for the aging population, increased life expectancy, improper lifestyle and environmental pollution are other factors that increase cancer.
The Head of Cancer Research Center, said: about 70 percent of the reasons for contracting cancer is aging, and 30% of it is related to the inappropriate lifestyle.