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21 October 2016, Izmir-Turkey
D-8 TTEN Technology Transfer Award 2015

D-8 TTEN Technology Transfer Awards were given to the technological companies in a D-8 event in Izmir, Turkey, on Friday, 21st October 2016.
The Award initiative was taken by D-8 TTEN Secretariat which identified and screened capable companies. The initiative was announced in the 2nd High Council Meeting of D-8 TTEN in Nigeria in 2014.
The process of selecting the best technology transfer for 2015 was launched since the beginning of 2016 by sending application form to all the available private companies through the representatives of D-8 member countries in TTEN. Several contracts were nominated from Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan, Lebanon, UAE and Saudi Arabia as the candidates for the award.

After final evaluation, technology transfer for the development of ARYOSEVEN & ALTEBREL as biosimilar products between ARYOGEN PHARMED CO. from Iran and INNO BIO VENTURES SDN BHD from Malaysia were selected as the winner of the Award.
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